baldur's gate spell slot

While in wraithform, the caster cannot cast arcane, divine, or innate spells.
Cleric/Mages make the best use of sequencers because, 1) Cleric spells can be added to sequencers and, 2) Cleric spells usually have long casting times.
Their fists strike as 3 weapons and dispel magic on a hit.I suggest using this offensively instead of defensively like the level 6 Contingency because you have some control over who the Chain Contingency targets (yourself, nearest enemy, or enemy who last hit you).Cause Serious Wounds Pathetic.Calls forth a powerful Solar armed with a mace that destroys undead, dispels magic and Stuns on a hit.The Sleep effect free bonus casino australia will last for 5 rounds.Find Traps Turns the priest into an infallible trap detector.You might want to memorize one.One of the useful spells at this level.It is immune to fire.
Diameter sphere upon impact, inflicting 1d43 points of damage plus an additional 3 points of fire damage to any creature struck.
The Staff of the Magi has a Spell Trap ability which lasts for 8 hours, which usually makes memorizing this spell pointless since you can just use that instead.
Being held does not prevent the worsening of the subjects' condition due to wounds, disease, or poison.
Clerics and Jaheira only, for some strange reason.
Druids should pick Greater Elemental Summoning after this to guarantee summoning Princes, Clerics should go for the Devas.This does not prevent the use of other charm-type spells after the contest was lost.Vastly superior to Earthquake.The skeletons are rather slow and tend to lag behind.Comments: Sleep will single-handedly win most of your battles in BG1 before you breach the city walls.