His killer is gratis casino spelen voor echt geld later revealed to be the unnamed Cardinal, who reveals himself to be Apocryphos, which shows a cutscene of his killer holding Judgement to Cross's head before it was fired.
It allows him the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma.
While Allen is still watching Nea as young child with Mana, the Nea takes over Allen's body and incapacitates Johnny.
Rouvelier then barks an order to go find Alma and destroy his body to stop the rampage, but Allen persists, prompting Rouvelier to declare that Allen is no longer an Exorcist.Johnny understands that this is General Froi Tiedoll's work and that the Black Order found them.He always asks for gloves to be included so he can keep his hand hidden, though recently Allen has gotten more comfortable with showing his hand when he is around his comrades.Just then, Kanda enters and places his sword at Allen's throat demanding to know if he's the 14th.To do so he uses magic incantations that come to his mind from the fourteenth memory when he wishes to control the ark.He is the adoptive son of Mana Walker, the elder brother of Nea.Allen attacks Vittorio in order to stop him from killing Kanda.
He then walks through the Ark Gate, which crumbles after him as Lenalee falls to her knees and screams after him in sorrow.
Tyki Mikk (sent by the Millenium Earl) intervenes and temporarily disables the cardinal by smashing the Cardinal's head into the floor.
Reception Popularity The manga has been popular in Japan.
Inspector Rouvelier and Cross have both referred to him "player" (as in one who plays a musical instrument and Cross has hinted that there may be more than one.He has medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, silver/gray (purple in the Hallow anime) eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale.On the train, Allen found that Krory lost everything he had in a poker game (he didn't know how to play) so Allen played to retrieve Krory's stuff.As they arrive, they find the Finders stationed there have been killed by three Akuma.18 This form is capable of both ranged and melee combat, but tends to use up more energy initially.He likes Tim, food, poker and Mana.