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Everyday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia.
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People spent their day tending to their herds and fields; as a result of this, they may have had to travel some distance and were unlikely to return home for a midday meal.
2:14; Micah 3:3 and dud (2 Sam.Furthermore, experimental archaeology, ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological studies have become invaluable sources of analogy.13:8) (Borowski2002, 73; Bottero1995, 11-13; Curtis 2001, 205; Ebeling and Yorke 2004).Simply put, cooking vessels can be categorized into three basic forms: the Bronze Age or traditional pot or bowl, the Philistine jug, and the hybrid pot.Ebeling, Jennie., and Yorke.18:6 or dumplings within the stew ( lebibot in 2 Sam.The household economy was a perilous one; one that was dependent upon the participation of each member of the household regardless of sex and age.