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38, at step 650, a bill is optically denominated, for example, according to the methods latest casino bonuses free video slots described above in connection with FIG.
The microprocessor 212 stores each element of data from the optical sensor 220 in a range of memory locations in a random access memory (RAM) 226, forming a set of image data that corresponds to the object scanned.
The blue component filter transmits light having a wavelength between about 320 nm and about 620 nm and has a peak transmittance at 450.
As previously described, the system may also include a smart card processing module, modules which accept and read all forms of magnetic and optical media, and modules which dispense smart cards and all forms of optical and magnetic media.In some situations, the customer might enter the value or other information concerning the unidentified documents.In a genuine 100 bill, no magnetic ink is present at area 348.52, the denomination elements may be ordered in the order of decreasing correlation values,.g., according to the previous example with the 1 denomination element being listed first, the 10 denomination element being listed second, the 50 denomination element being listed third and.The curved exit chute 1800 includes two slots 1802, 1804 separated by an internal partition 1806.In 2001, Namco released.In systems that can accept a bill regardless of face orientation, reverse-faced bills may be properly identified.At step 640, the denominating based on detected thread location and/or color is performed independently of the results of the optical denominating step 638.
Means for entering the value of no call bills or other documents were discussed above in connection with FIG.
In the embodiment of FIG.
For example, if a reading.0 volt results when no bills are present and an average reading.0 volts results when a stack of genuine bills are processed, the resulting difference.0 volts which is greater than.7 volts.
The operation of a document processing system having the denomination selection elements 1064 a - 1064 g and the continuation element 1065 will now be discussed in connection with several operating modes.
The operation of the sort mode is similar to that of the stranger mode except that after stopping upon the detection of a different denomination bill, the system is designed to resume operation upon removal of all bills from the output receptacle.
The full image scanner of the present invent processes all of these documents.As a result of the first comparison described above based on the reflected light intensity information retrieved by scanhead 260, the CPU 272 will have either determined the denomination of the scanned bill 257 or determined that the first scanned signal samples fail to sufficiently.Bills varies from a discernible 2-to-1 ratio to a non-discernible ratio.The full image scanner of the present invention processes all of these documents.Currency, determine the serial number once the field is located, and store the serial number for later use by the system.An exit end of the curved guideway 211 directs the documents onto the transport plate 240 which carries the documents through an evaluation section and to one of the output receptacles 217.64 is a diagrammatic perspective view of the coils in the coin discrimination sensor of FIG.