spell slot table

PHB Errata correcting this, so I believe that the rules are pretty solid in allowing this.
In Baldur's Gate single-class clerics can attain a maximum cleric level of 7 and all multi-classes, including the Fighter / Mage / Cleric, can reach level.A character with a very high score in the ability associated with his or her spellcasting (.A spellbook showing readied, used, and unassigned spell slots casino bonuses list (spell levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively).This may require those spells to be flagged as casino bonus deposit 1 and get 20 usable with metamagic and (if the metamagic is to have effect) possibly to have metamagic support added to their scripts.Table: Expanded Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells Score Modifier Spells per Day 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th etc.Spell slot levels are limited to the character's current (modified) and base casting ability minus.If you see any page that contains SRD material and does not show this license statement, please contact an admin so that this license statement can be added.Spell lvl / Ranger lvl 1 2 3 Total # of spellslots The total number of spells known doesn't count shaman-specific spells.The character must still have the requisite ability score (10 spell level ) in order to cast any spell stored in this slot.Spell lvl / Druid lvl Total # of spellslots Bards use mage spells.
This seems to be not only rules-safe, but fairly balance-safe as well).
Additional spell slots are awarded for a high casting ability ; these are listed as "bonus spells per day" in the ability modifier article.
A spell slot represents a character 's potential for casting spells each day.Spell Slots Above 9th Level, the Improved Spell Capacity feat allows characters to gain spell slots above 9th level (which can be used to hold lower-level spells or spells whose level has been increased beyond 9th by the use of metamagic feats ).Bonus spell slots can also be granted by certain items.It is our intent to work within this license in good faith.Those higher slots can be awarded by an item though, which could allow metamagic to be applied to the quasi-casters' highest level spells.