time crisis arcade machine price

Players control their fate by choosing the direction the proceed in ".
About This Product, manufacturer: Namco, year of Release: 2005, about The Game: The latest installment in Namco's extremely successful cooperative gun game, featuring the innovative "HIT AND hide" element!We were one of the first companies to bring over taitos Space Invaders to the UK, quickly going on to supply pubs all over the country.It has been earmarked as a venetian casino las vegas employment future '90s classic but is already a highly collectable appreciating asset.New voice navigation provides players with instructions on selecting the appropriate weapons and timing their next move.Download the flyer page one, page two, page three and page four, part of our range.
The total game play is also longer than its predecessor.
Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was a particularly avid fan of Ataris Pong, describing it as being quite as fun as real tennis, and not nearly as exhausting.
Cinematic quality graphics bring the game to life.
Each stage consists of a prologue and three areas.
Whilst the graphics may look a little clunky alongside modern day machines, this does nothing to detract from what is a fast moving and adrenaline packed experience as you battle to rescue the President's daughter from her terrorist kidnappers.
The New, system Super 256 delivers cinematic quality graphics and boosts the drama of the game play.
We can supply this game to you for use in the commercial environment it was designed for, or we can set it up as a "freeplay" game that would make a stunning addition to a home games room or communal area such as an office.There are three stages overall, each consisting of separate areas and battles, and the game takes the form of a three dimensional first person shooter with the player holding a lightweight gun which he uses to fire at on-screen enemies.This Time Crisis 1 has been fully refurbished by our technicians and of course comes with our standard one year parts and labour guarantee.This process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order as well as cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed.New special weapons have been developed for the standard handgun, machine gun, shot gun grenade.The games are cleaned and painted to look as close to new as possible.This cabinet was originally used in this type of commercial environment.Players can select 2-player cooperative play or dual single play in one cabinet in this, the latest, the largest and the most intense Time Crisis available for the home market!This is achieved by depressing the floor mounted foot pedal, and although it provides a valuable breathing space you cant afford to hang about as the countdown timer will punish you with a non-negotiable Game Over if you dont clear all your enemies within.Price Does Not Include Shipping.Large, more intense levels of game play.